Before you invest in a cylinder ask the following questions: 



1: Where can I get my cylinder exchanged?

Make sure you can swap 
At WA Gases, we have an extensive distributor network. Please check our stockist page for your closest store. 

2: Is the Gas supply reliable?

Make sure you can refill 
At WA Gases, we have the ability to fill our own cylinders.  Be assured your investment will be refillable for many years to come. 

3: What pressure is the cylinder filled to?

Make sure you're getting value for money 
At WA Gases we fill our shielding gas cylinders to 200 bar! On average, we fill our cylinders with 20% more gas than our competitors. 

4: Ask if their cylinders are Australian DOT approved and have they been filled in Western Australia?

Make sure it's legal
Others import non-compliant cylinders into Australia and send them overseas for refilling as they don’t meet Australian regulations.
Before you make a purchase, make sure your cylinder and valve are manufactured to Australian Standards and are Worksafe approved. If you are unsure, ask your supplier for the Worksafe Design Registration Number. 

5: Ask where their valves are manufactured? 

Make sure it's safe 
WA Gases use quality Worksafe approved valves. Don’t take chances on cheap non-compliant valves. 

6: Do I have to sign a contract? 

No complicated contracts, ever! 
No lock in contracts and signing up to fixed term pricing. We continually work towards passing savings onto our customers.